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One of the common questions we’re asked as martial arts instructors are, “What should my child be practicing at home? And how could I help them improve?” Parents play a crucial role in their child’s martial arts development. 

The physical benefits of martial arts are obvious: they help build strength, promote an active lifestyle, and improve reflexes. But the emotional, mental, and interpersonal benefits of martial arts are just as valuable—especially for children.

Learning doesn’t stop when the school day ends. While kids rely on traditional schooling to receive instruction on subjects like math, science, and reading, today’s afterschool programs are proven to help them sharpen their interpersonal skills, expand their social circles, and cultivate healthier habits.

Everyday life can feel overwhelming and stressful. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance can often feel out of reach as commutes get longer, jobs get more stressful, and the cost of living increases. How could adding another commitment like volunteering to your routine possibly be beneficial?

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed and stressed that you’ve fantasized about flipping a table? Maybe you actually have! (Kudos to you). But did you know that those bursts of energy that seem to come out of nowhere when you’re stressed can actually be channeled into a far more effective coping strategy?